Family Law
with a Personal Approach

Family Law Lawyers Serving Durham Region & GTA For Over 20 Years

Legal matters can be complicated, and a lack of information or understanding can lead to additional undue stress. Being involved in a family law dispute is arguably one of the most stressful and emotional things that you will experience in your life. If you are contemplating separation or divorce, you should consult with an experienced family lawyer before you take any steps. Representing yourself will likely result in loss of time with your loved ones, stress and anxiety in navigating a complicated legal system, and may create additional delays and added wait times, all of which will add to the uncertainty and apprehension you may feel during this time.

At Borden Family Law, we can help. We are not a “jack of all trades” law firm; we have dedicated our 24 years of legal experience to developing and refining our knowledge of family law, and family law only.  No matter what your circumstance, there is a very good chance we have seen it before, and have helped a client in a similar situation reach a successful resolution to their problem.

In addition to the large number of clients we have helped through collaborative law or at trial, we have also personally settled more than 4,000 family law cases.  Addressing the specific nuances of each of our client’s cases has provided us with a deep knowledge base, strong relationships with other practitioners, and the on-the-ground experience needed to offer our clients sound advice relating to even the most complex family law issues.

Our Philosophy

At Borden Family Law, we offer bundled services, ensuring that multiple aspects of a client’s matter can be reviewed and resolved by our knowledgeable family lawyers. Our bundled services allow us to focus on resolving your legal dispute and help save you money, so that you can focus on what really matters: spending time with your loved ones. At Borden Family Law, we value open and consistent communication with our clients. When clients come to see us for the first time, they are introduced to both their lawyer and the law clerk who will be personally working on their matter. This allows clients to develop a relationship with their entire legal team from day one. By its nature, family law is personal, so we take the time to build rapport with clients so that they, in turn, feel comfortable asking questions when they arise.  From the first meeting to the last, we provide our clients with the information they need to understand the nature of their legal matter. We keep each of our clients updated on the status of their case as it moves forward, provide details at every step along the way for clarity, and answer questions as they arise. In our experience, informed clients have less stress, worry less, and are better equipped to focus on moving forward with their lives. There are no “winners” in family law.  At Borden Family Law in Oshawa, our family lawyers seek to achieve the best possible result for our clients, but that does not always mean going to trial.  For some clients, we tirelessly pursue settlements, and for others, we engage in alternative dispute resolution.  If an agreement cannot be reached through these other means, we take the matter to trial.  Trial is rarely our first option, because it can be costly and it leaves the decisions in the hands of a judge, instead of yours.