Oshawa High Asset Divorce Lawyers

Divorce of a high-net worth couple is often more complex and prolonged than a standard divorce. Challenges often arise with major legal and financial aspects of the dissolution of the relationship, including property divisionspousal supportchild supportbusiness assets and other monetary matters. At Borden Family Law in Oshawa, our divorce lawyers have been advising high-net worth clients on separation, divorce, and related matters for 17 years. We are focused exclusively on family law and ensure that our clients consider and address all possible legal and financial risks of moving forward with legally ending their common law relationship or marriage.  We regularly advise business owners, professionals, and clients with significant assets in Canada and overseas, clients with significant inheritances or trust funds, and other high asset individuals.

Some Important Considerations for High-Net Worth Individuals

High-net worth clients should be aware that the amount of spousal support (i.e. alimony) and/or child support they may be obligated to pay following a separation of divorce may be very high. In family law, both spousal support and child support are calculated using formulas outlined in the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines (SSAG) and the Child Support Guidelines (CSG), respectively. Both the SSAG and the CSG are highly influential on judges making support decisions. Together, the guidelines generate what family law has deemed are reasonable ranges for both length and amount of support. Factors affecting support include the length of the marriage, length of any cohabitation prior to marriage, and income of the spouses.

Child Support

For purposes of child support, where income exceeds $150,000, the CSG provides a formula allowing for an additional amount to be paid, above and beyond the support that is paid by parents with incomes under $150,000.

Spousal Support

For the purpose of spousal support, where income exceeds $350,000, the guidelines generate support amounts that are very high. In these high-net worth situations, judges can exercise their discretion to make determinations that are fact and case specific.

Significant Assets

At Borden Family Law, we understand that the assets of high-net worth individuals are not always limited to money in bank accounts, and the value of a matrimonial home. We have many years of experience advising clients on the valuation, division, and equalization of complex assets including:
  • Trusts;
  • Corporations;
  • Shares;
  • Cottages, holiday homes, and investment properties;
  • Foreign land ownership;
  • Stock Options;
  • Multiple pensions;
  • Lottery winnings;
  • Inheritances or gifts;
  • Bonuses and other compensation.

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If you are considering separation or divorce, the experienced and compassionate team at Borden Family Law in Oshawa is ready to help. For over 17 years we have helped many business owners and high-net worth clients in Oshawa, Brooklin, Pickering, Ajax and the surrounding areas through the divorce process, ensuring that their interests are taken care of, and managing their legal and financial risk. Call us at 905-576-6090 or contact us online to book your consultation. Ask about our bundled services and flat fees.