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Divorce is the formal dissolution of a marriage, and does not apply to those in common-law relationships. A divorce changes a person’s legal status officially from “married” to “single”. Divorces are always done by court order. Until a party files for divorce, the divorce is endorsed by the court, and the marriage is ultimately dissolved by court order, that person cannot marry again. At Borden Family Law, we know that there are no “winners” in family disputes. This is certainly the case with divorce.  We counsel our clients to approach their separation and subsequent divorce amicably.  Our experienced and compassionate family law lawyers guide you through the divorce process with an eye to achieving the best possible outcome in the most cost-effective fashion and resolving any outstanding disputes, including those over child supportcustody, and spousal support.

Obtaining a Divorce

Divorce in Canada is governed by the Divorce Act, which states that in order to obtain a divorce, there must first be a “breakdown in marriage”. Under the Divorce Act, a breakdown in marriage can be established in one of three ways:
  1. The couple has lived “separate and apart” for at least one year immediately prior to the divorce;
  2. A spouse has committed adultery; or
  3. A spouse has been subjected to physical or mental cruelty by the other spouse.
While adultery can be used to establish a breakdown in marriage, it cannot be used to “punish” a spouse. Canada has a “no fault” divorce system, which means that the conduct of the spouses (either during the marriage or during its breakdown), is not relevant to the separation and divorce process, and ultimately has no effect on property division, spousal support, or other relief. The breakdown of a relationship is a stressful, emotional and challenging period in a person’s life. Taking the final step of obtaining a divorce can be equally overwhelming. At Borden Family Law, we value open and consistent communication with our clients in all matters. Our goal is to make your divorce process as painless and stress-free as possible. We take the time to build a strong rapport with each of our clients so they can feel confident knowing they always have someone in their corner, representing their interests and ensuring that they are protected.

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