Oshawa Adoption Lawyers

Choosing to become an adoptive parent is a big decision, but making that choice is only the first step on your journey to parenthood – the next step is to navigate the challenges of the adoption process itself.  At Borden Family Law in Oshawa, our goal is to remove as much uncertainty from the adoption process as possible by keeping you informed every step of the way and helping guide you to the happy moment of welcoming your child home. There are several different types of adoption: private, public, international, the adoption of a stepchild, or a kinship adoption.  Our focus at Borden Family Law is on public and kinship adoptions. Over many years of helping families grow, we have established a deep and thorough knowledge of these two unique processes and can help clients proceed.

Public Adoption

According to the Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Society (CAS), there are approximately 17,000 children in the care of the Ontario Children’s Aid Society.  Whenever possible (and safe), these children are returned to the families from which they’ve been removed; however, when that is not possible, adoption into a new family becomes an option. As a potential adoptive parent, you will be required by CAS to take part in an assessment process.  This will involve an application, checklists, questionnaires, medical reports, police checks, and references.  If you require assistance getting this extensive paperwork in order, the experienced adoption lawyers at Borden Family Law can help.  Once you are approved, CAS will work with you to find a match.  After a probation period of roughly six months, if you choose to adopt your match, our lawyers can help you finalize your adoption in an Ontario court – at which point, you would become the legal guardian of your adoptive child. We can also help you determine whether you qualify for financial assistance. The human desire to feel connected and to be part of a family does not end once a person reaches adulthood.  For this reason, many children are adopted when they are “leaving the system” at the age of majority.  A number of our clients have found this to be an opportune time to adopt, and our lawyers were ready with the knowledge to walk them through the process.

Kinship or Stepchild Adoption

The kinship adoption process, often referred to as the relative adoption process, is unique and quite different from other adoptions in Ontario. Most importantly, if you are seeking to adopt a relative or a stepchild that lives in Ontario, you do not need to use an adoption agency, nor do you need to go through CAS.  You may apply directly to the Ontario Family Court for an adoption order.  Unlike in other adoptions, neither a home study nor adoption training is required when going through the kindship adoption process. In order to be able to qualify for the kinship adoption process, the parent(s) seeking to adopt must be related to the child in one of the following way: step-parent, grandparent, uncle, aunt, great-uncle, or great-aunt. In addition, the parent(s) seeking to adopt must be residents of Ontario, and the child must be a legal resident of Canada. Any other relative is not eligible to adopt through this process. Likewise, if the child does not reside in Canada, they will not be eligible for this process. This kinship adoption process is one which, with the help of one of our capable family lawyers at Borden Family Law, can be made relatively expedient and straightforward.

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The knowledgeable and compassionate Oshawa adoption lawyers at Borden Family Law have facilitated the adoption of many children joining loving families, like yours.  Our focused experience has made us effective and efficient with the paperwork-intensive process of adoption, and we take the time to walk our clients through every step along the way.  If you are considering a public or kinship adoption, call us at 905-576-6090 or contact us online.