Oshawa Restraining Order Lawyers

Domestic violence is a serious issue, that, unfortunately, occurs with some frequency in marriages and relationships. If you are fearful that your spouse or partner, or your former spouse or partner, will hurt you or your children, you can ask the court to issue a restraining order. A restraining order is made by a family court judge to help protect you and your children or the children in your custody. You do not need a lawyer to apply for a restraining order. However, having a lawyer experienced in assisting individuals with domestic violence and related matters to help you is a good idea. Family lawyers have deep insights into complex family dynamics, including those where abuse or violence is a factor, and have access to resources that can help individuals who find themselves in such a situation. At Borden Family Law, we have been helping clients safeguard themselves and their children for 17 years. We can assist you in taking the necessary steps to keep yourself and your children out of harm’s way.

Obtaining a Restraining Order in Ontario

A restraining order will list conditions that the person you are afraid of must obey. The restraining order can be general – that the person you are afraid of has to stay away from you – or it can be specific. The restraining order may state that the person in question cannot come to your home, to your place of work, to your children’s school or to other places where you often go (for example, your place of worship or your parent’s home). A restraining order can be modified to reflect your specific circumstances and the particular protections that you need. If the person who has a restraining order against them disobeys a restraining order, the police can arrest them, charge them, and potentially hold them. You can apply for a restraining order against your spouse or partner where at least one of the following is true:
  • You lived together with your partner for any period of time;
  • You were married to your partner;
  • You have a child in your custody.
If none of the above apply, you can apply for a peace bond.

Contact Borden Family Law in Oshawa If You Need a Restraining Order

If you believe you or your children are in danger or if you are fearful of a spouse, partner, or former spouse or partner, you can take legal steps to protect yourself. Once you have taken the necessary steps to ensure your immediate safety, you can then think about other important matters to ensure long-term safety for yourself, including custody and access. To learn how we can help, call us at 905-576-6090 or contact us online. If you are in an emergency or need immediate assistance contact the police or call 911.