Experienced Oshawa Family Lawyers

Ontario’s legal system is divided into different areas, including criminal, civil, small claims, and family court. Each of these areas is unique, and clients seeking help in each are best served by lawyers who focus only on that specific area, rather than lawyers who try and do it all. At Borden Family Law, we practice family law exclusively. We are not distracted by criminal or civil court matters. We have dedicated almost two decades of practice to refining our knowledge of family law, and family law only and are one of the most experienced family law firms in Durham Region.  Over the years, we have personally settled more than 4,000 cases, and helped a vast number large number of clients through the collaborative law process or represented them at trial. Our goal is an efficient, effective resolution to your family law matter at the lowest possible cost to you.

Our Approach

At Borden Family Law, we understand how devastating separation and divorce are, and how contentious and emotional related issues such as child custody and accessspousal support, and division of property can get. Over the years we have dealt with the most challenging family issues, including situations involving domestic violence.

We know that there are no “winners” in family disputes. We seek to achieve the best possible result for our clients. Whatever the nature of your family law matter, we will help explain the process to you, and help you to understand what you can expect in going through the process, and provide alternative options.

We offer bundled services, ensuring that various aspects of your family dispute will be handled by our highly experienced family lawyers. Bundling our services allow us to focus on resolving your legal dispute efficiently, will help save you money, and will allow you focus on what matters most: spending time with your loved ones.

I have been a client of Borden Family Lawyers in excess of six years and can honestly say that it was the best phone call I made when I decided to separate from my ex-wife. This group goes above and beyond and has never steered me in the wrong direction or ill advised me during the many difficult situations I have faced. They have been able to keep me grounded and I feel they have truly fought for not only me, but for my children. One thing they strive on is going into court with a clean slate and that has always served me well.

Mark Borden has been fantastic at presenting my case and can explain everything so I can understand what is going on without getting too technical. I have full trust in his ability to litigate and know that he has done everything he possibly can for me and my family Kerry Nesbitt has been there through the entire process with me and has an ability to keep me calm and relaxed in stressful situations while being straight forward and completely objective. I believe in her ability to prepare the case for me while making sure I know any risks etc., associated with our case. If you have any family law situations, I strongly encourage you to contact Borden Family Lawyers. They have never disappointed me in any way!! – Chris