Oshawa Divorce Lawyers Assisting with Post-Divorce Modifications

After a separation or divorce, all legal aspects that must be considered before dissolving the relationship including division of property (including division of high-net worth individuals and business owners), child support, and spousal support are generally finalized in a separation agreement or through a court order. Generally, such agreements are intended to create a binding resolution to all outstanding issues between the ex-spouses, and are intended to be final. However, it may become necessary to modify or change the agreement if financial or other circumstances between the ex-spouses change. At Borden Family Law in Oshawa, we have been helping clients with divorce and related matters, including post-divorce modifications, for 17 years. We have always focused exclusively on family disputes, allowing us to develop a deep understanding of the law in this practice area, and ensuring that we provide outstanding advice to our clients. If your child care, financial, or other circumstances change following your divorce, we can help. Mark Borden has presided over many post-divorce modifications as a dispute resolution officer, and brings the perspective of both an experienced family lawyer and an adjudicator to the table. Making modifications to your separation agreement or parenting plan does not have to be a long, drawn out process. We can help you make it simple, expedient, and cost-effective.

Circumstances Leading to Post-Divorce Modifications

It is not uncommon for circumstances to change for one or both ex-spouses following the end of their relationship. In such instances, the former couple may find the terms in their separation agreement or parenting plan are no longer accurate. Common circumstances leading to post-divorce modification include:
  • A major change in financial circumstances (job loss, salary decrease, elimination of health or other benefits, etc.);
  • An ex-spouse becoming ill;
  • A large increase in child expenses;
  • Wanting to move children out of Ontario;
  • Wanting a change to custody arrangements or more decision-making authority over children.

Making Post-Divorce Modifications

There are a number of ways to carry out post-divorce modifications, including:
  • Via mutual agreement between the ex-spouses;
  • Through mediation or arbitration;
  • Through court order.
The appropriate and most effective method will depend on the specific circumstances between each party, including whether they are on amicable terms, the nature of the changes sought, and the number of changes the parties want.

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