Oshawa Family Lawyers Providing Bundled Legal Services

Legal matters, including family law disputes such as separations, divorces, and related issues such as disputes over child custody and access can quickly get very expensive. If you are involved in a family law dispute you may find yourself wondering whether you will be able to afford a lawyer for the full duration of a matter, or you may be curious how much of the matter you might be able to handle on your own to save some costs.

What are Bundled Services?

While it is always advisable to obtain legal guidance from an experienced family lawyer before you proceed with any family law matter, and to maintain representation by that lawyer throughout the duration of your matter, we know this is not always possible.

At Borden Family Law, we have been helping clients with their family law matters for 19 years. We are committed to providing access to justice for all our clients and want to be sure that anyone that needs legal guidance and assistance from a lawyer is able to obtain it. To assist with this, we offer our client something we call “Bundled Services.”

What Kind of Services Can You Bundle?

Depending on the nature of your family law matter, including how contentious or complex the dispute is, you may require varying levels of assistance from a lawyer. Every case is different and will follow a different trajectory in the court system. This also means each case will require a different set of steps, a different amount of work, and different costs. Depending on the circumstances of each matter, the length of time it takes for that matter to go through the litigation process will vary.

At Borden Family Law, we work with each prospective client that comes to us to figure out a way that we can help them most effectively and efficiently. We offer different bundled services depending on your needs. For example, for a fee, we will get your case into court, and get you to the first case conference. What this means is that we will handle all the paperwork and services that will get you to the first meeting with the judge.

In other cases, we can include one motion, depending on how many issues are involved, and then all related paperwork, including scheduling of court dates and similar matters.

We also offer a bundle for couples who are looking to split amicably. In such circumstances, the process of finalizing the outstanding matter will take significantly less time and steps than it would if a split was contentious and we will bundle a separation agreement and divorce together.

For couples going through a complex or contentious split, the services that we can bundle together will be more in-depth.

Knowledgeable and Strategic Oshawa Family Lawyers Advising Clients on Common-Law Spousal Matters

At Borden Family Law, we have been helping clients with their family law matters for 19 years. We understand that the breakdown of a relationship is difficult, whether it is a marriage or a common-law relationship. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to help you get through the court system without breaking the bank. Call us at 905-576-6090, or contact us online. Ask about our bundled services and flat fees.