Oshawa Lawyers Assisting Clients with Wills, Estates, Trusts and Powers of Attorney

At Borden Family Law, we rely on our 17 years of extensive experience in family law to help our clients proactively plan for the future. In addition to providing exceptional legal guidance to clients seeking advice on separationdivorcespousal support, and child support, as well as other areas of family law, we also assist clients with managing their legal and financial risk, ensuring that their assets are distributed according to their wishes, and ensuring that children or other family members are provided for. We understand and have helped clients manage complicated family dynamics so that their ultimate goals are met. We can assist with:
  • Estate planning;
  • Wills;
  • Powers of Attorney; and
  • Trusts

Estate Planning

Estate planning is the act of mapping out how you want to dispose of your assets in the event of your death. This includes money, property, other tangible assets, as well as personal things, right down to the photographs and documents on your computer hard drive and any data or digital assets you may have an interest in or own. As part of a broader estate plan, you may also consider leaving instructions and resources to ensure your family pet or a member of your family who cannot care for themselves is provided for. At Borden Family Law in Oshawa, we can help you create an estate plan that best suits your needs and ultimate goals.


A key element of any estate plan is a will, which is the legal document that sets out your wishes for your estate (i.e. your real estate, other property, possessions, money, investments, as well as any outstanding liabilities, such as mortgages and debts).  It is critical to have an up-to-date, well-drafted will to ensure your estate planning goals are met, and so there is a clear plan for how to divide assets after your death. At Borden Family Law, we can help you draw up your will and help you set out what you want to do with your estate.

Power of Attorney

A power of attorney is a legal document granting someone you nominate the authority to act on your behalf should you become incapacitated. There are two types of powers of attorney: power of attorney for property (someone who can pay your bills and make other decisions about your property and expense) and power of attorney for personal care (someone who can make health care and related decisions for you). At Borden Family Law, we can help you determine what type of power of attorney you may wish to grant, and help you set that process in motion.


A trust is a legal entity created to hold property or assets in someone’s name such as a child or someone who cannot care for themselves. A trust is administered by a trustee for that named person’s benefit and there are inherent obligations and duties required of the trustee by law. There are many different types of trusts. At Borden Family Law, we can help you choose the type that is best for your situation.

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