Oshawa Contempt of Court Lawyers

Contempt of court is a serious issue. In family law, this often occurs when a person willfully disobeys or otherwise ignores a court order made by a judge. Where that is the case, the offending individual can be found to be “in contempt”. Judges have wide latitude to decide what is contemptuous and to hand down penalties as they see fit. The judge can order fines in the thousands of dollars or even have the offending party jailed. If you are being frustrated by your spouse or ex-spouse who is not abiding by the rules of a court order, or who is otherwise hindering your legal dispute, you might consider bringing a contempt motion. At Borden Family Law, we can help you hold your ex-spouse accountable. We will explain your options, guide you in taking action and help you get your matter back on track.

Contempt of Court in Family Law

Contempt of court can arise where an individual does anything that obstructs the administration of justice or shows disrespect to the court. For example, if a party in a divorce is ordered to produce their income records for the past five years but stalls and eventually fails to produce them despite being given extensions, they could be found in contempt. Other examples include:
  • Failing to appear in court when scheduled;
  • Refusing to answer questions;
  • Acting aggressively during proceedings;
  • Interfering with witnesses;
  • Fabricating or doctoring evidence;
  • Breaching a court order.

Oshawa Family Lawyers Assisting Clients with Contempt Claims

If you are considering bringing a contempt claim against your ex-spouse or if one has been brought against you, contact the knowledgeable and strategic lawyers at Borden Family Law as soon as possible. We have been advising clients on family law disputes for 17 years and understand how to keep matters moving efficiently so that a timely resolution can be reached. Call us at 905-576-6090 or contact us online for assistance. Ask about our bundled services.