Oshawa Adoption Lawyers Assisting with Step-Child Adoption

Choosing to officially adopt your step-child and legally become their parent is a significant and emotional decision. At Borden Family Law, we have been counselling step-parents seeking advice and guidance on how best to manage this process for 17 years. We will prepare all relevant documentation and ensure that all legal aspects of the process are handled.

Adoption of an Independent Adult in Ontario

An adult adoption occurs in situations where the adoptee is 18 or older. Adult adoptions generally occur in families where a significant bond has developed between a stepparent and child, and there is a desire to legally create a familial relationship. Ontario law permits any adult or married couple to adopt another adult. In such situations, only the consent of the person wanting to be an adoptive parent and the adoptee is required. There are a number of situations in which an adult adoption can occur:
  • A step-child can be adopted as an adult by his or her step-parent;
  • An adult adoptee can be adopted by their birth parent(s);
  • A former foster child can be adopted by their foster family.
Unlike in other adoptions in Ontario, the adoptive parent does not need to use an adoption agency, and home study and adoption training is not required. An adoptive parent can apply directly to the Ontario Family Court for an adoption order.

Effects of an Adult Adoption

After the adult adoption takes effect, the adoptee:
  • Will receive a new birth certificate reflecting the name of their adoptive parent;
  • Can officially change their surname if they so wish;
  • Will gain inheritance rights of their adoptive parent;

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The knowledgeable and compassionate Oshawa adoption lawyers at Borden Family Law have facilitated the adoption of many adult children who are officially and legally joining their families. Our focused experience in adoption and family law has made us efficient with all paperwork and documentation necessary to carry out this process, and we take the time to walk our clients through every step along the way.  If you are considering an adult adoption, call us at 905-576-6090 or contact us online. Ask about our bundled services and flat fees.