Security for Costs

Taking an unreasonable position and approach within Family Law Proceedings? Think twice before doing so. Often at times family court litigants take an unreasonable position and approach with respect to…

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What is My Date of Separation?

One of the fundamental pieces of information that your family law lawyer will need from you is your “date of separation” or when you and/or your spouse made the decision to part ways from your relationship. This is usually one of the first questions your lawyer will ask you in your consultation.

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What is a Spouse?

In the recent Ontario court case of Climans v Latner, 2019 ONSC 1311, the Court revisited the age old question of “What is a spouse?.” While for most legally married couples, the answer is just that: a marriage ceremony – but for common law couples the court has historically chosen to adopt a flexible approach to the question, which can lead to surprising results.

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Expert Evidence on Family Court motions

Are you attempting to file that doctor’s note/letter, psychologists report or counselling report in a family court which purports to provide an opinion concerning an issue in a dispute such as custody, access, or support issues? While it may sound simple, providing Expert Evidence requires a couple of steps, and each one is pretty challenging.

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